Surface Preparation Tools

The coast guard is responsible for enforcing maritime laws both in the domestic waters of any state as well as international waters. They have military training and are tasked with ensuring safety as well as ensuring that other states do not encroach on the state's waters. In discharging their duties, the coast guards require boats that are in a good condition. But what other reasons justify proper maintenance of boats by the guards?

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Response time

With proper equipment, coast guards can promptly respond to any upcoming duties or events. With poorly maintained equipment, their response time is much slower. This is risky for the citizens of your country. Remember that the faster the response time, the higher the likelihood of saving the lives of those affected and therefore all boats and equipment at the coast guard must be properly maintained. There should be a specialised department that caters for all maintenance and repair works.


The use of surface preparation tools, 1B needle scaler and other tools help in identify possible problems that may cause the boats to breakdown in the middle of the sea. Breakdowns are an expensive affair for two reasons. First, your guards are stranded and may require another boat to come to their rescue. Secondly, when boats break down, the guards are more exposed to threats especially if they are in international waters. If their fall-back plans are not efficiently executed, you may lose your country's guards and end up exposing the country to greater threats. Criminals can kidnap these guards and extract vital information that can be used to facilitate criminal activities in your country.

Exposing the state to terrorism and other crimes

In some waters, kidnapping and terrorism is very rampant. When the coast guards do not have proper equipment to use, they expose the state to terrorism and other crimes. However, with well-maintained boats, the guards can carry out their patrols effectively, identifying possible threats and neutralising them before they affect the operations of the countries and those of their citizens.

Avoid accidents

In discharging their duties, the coat guards may be engaged in high speed water battles or they may use speed to enhance faster responses to people who may be in need. Boats that may not be properly maintained may easily develop technical problems that make it harder to navigate fierce waves which may cause accidents. Such accidents not only endanger the lives of the coast guards but also those of the citizens who had called for help.